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Things You should Know about Neuropathy

Neuropathy, ordinarily pertaining to peripheral neuropathy, can be delineated as an injury in the nerves which produces a prickling and burning sensation, mainly affecting the nerves outside the central nervous system. This in result disrupts the coordination between the central nervous system and other parts of the body.


It generally occurs because of fungal infection, recurring injury at a certain spot, introduction to toxins and several indefinable metabolic disorders.


People, even when different from each other in all aspects, have reported a loss of sensation when suffering from neuropathy, which on emphasizing, is similar to like that of wearing a thin glove and touching and feeling anything.

Other insignificant symptoms include –

  • Improper coordination of different body parts
  • Loosening of muscles
  • Inflammation of skin and nerves
  • Frequent heat strokes
  • Habitual dizziness


Neuropathy is usually diagnosed with uncertain number of laboratory and electronic tests. Clinical tests might question the patient about their lifestyle, drinking habits and any ancestral nervous system problems. Some physical tests may include posture checking and body muscle’s strength checking. On the other hand electrical tests include electromyography which helps to determine the strength and position of muscles that is typically succeeded by nerve conduction test performed by putting electrode patches on the skin. This also helps to determine the speed with which the nerve impulse travels in a particular nerve.

Treatment and Scope

There are a hundred different techniques to treat neuropathy and full of a bucket load of interconnected diversities of this disease, therefore requiring multifarious treatment methods. Diabetic neuropathy is further more dangerous as it itself leads to tonnes of problems which might worse the circumstances against the patient. In contrast to diabetic neuropathy, single-nerve neuropathy is far better as it is much easier to cure.

Neuropathy Clinics in Houston

You will be astonished to observe the scope of treatment of neuropathy clinic Houston. There are wondrous opportunities which may change your gloomy life into vivid and burnished pleasure. Some of the Neuropathy clinics in Houston are:

  • Joseph Medical Centre
  • Kindred Midtown
  • Riverside General Hospital

All you need to cure your neuropathy is to head up to Houston and just enter any hospital on your way up and you are cured!

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