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Pathya ( Diet regimen)


Pathya is an integral part  of ayurveda treatment. The patient is adviced to  follow a specified diet regimen during and after the therapy.The diet regimen during the course of treatment is aimed at increasing the potency of medicines used. The Ahara -vihara( healthy diet and lifestyle) which is most bneficial for the body and mind is known as Pathya and the opposite is said to be Apathya.

Most health problems develop due to the wrong eating habits and also wrong cooking methods. The diet plans discussed in ayurved is based on certain principles. Lot of importance is given to the persons age,prakrithi( body constitution),disease condition,season,digestion, psychological condition etc.  Pathya helps in  maintaining an equilibrium of doshas in the body,accelerating the action of medicines applied  externaly and also  for proper absorbtion of medicines taken internaly.

Scientific evidences indicate that improper diet , intake of  too much drugs,stress,alcoholism,smoking,extremely sedentary life style etc are responsible for diseases like cancer,heart disease,diabetes,hypertension etc.


This is a specific diet schedule during and after the panchakarma therapy. The toxin (aamam) accumulated in body tissues ( dhatus) and various channels of the body(srothas)is brought to gastro intestinal tract and then those toxinx are eliminated by panchakarma therapy.As a result thedigestive fire of the patient gets weakend.Therefore, he is advised to take semi-solid foods for sometimes until normal digestive  capacity of body is re – established.

Manda:- 1 part of rice + 14 part of water and the filtered liquid is manda.This is carminative and digestive.

Peya:- 1 part of rice + 14 parts of  water boiled into  quikly digestible form.This stops loose motion ,                                 nourishes tissues

Vilepi :- 1 part of rice + 4 parts  of water cooked into thick paste. This is nourishing, good for heart delicious                    and  diuretic .

Yavagu : – 1 part of rice + 6 parts of water cooked into thick paste.

After  yavagu the patient can resume a normal diet which is light , easily digestable and compatible.




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